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Honmei Choco 2017

Hello everyone <3 We are back with a blog about yesterday's Honmei Choco Event!~ This is our 3rd event since we opened 6 months ago, time has gone fast!

Honmei Choco 本命チョコ is special chocolate given by women in Japan to people whom they have special feelings for! This is very fitting for our Valentine's event, as we had a Honmei Special Set which contained chocolates, a cheki of a maid, some little gifts and... A CONFESSION LETTER!~ There was only 1 per maid so they went very quickly, we are glad you liked them <3

We also had a lot of delicious cakes from Chiyochan's bakery, I wanted to eat them all but we had to save them for customers ^-^;;;

We also performed a special Valentine's Dance, we were all nervous though ^-^; But I hope minnasama enjoyed it~

We took many cheki with customers this time, it was so fun! <3

Thank you to everyone that visited us, we raised £185 for Macmillan Cancer Support, so thank you for supporting us and donating to the charity!~

~Maid Mitsuko

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