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Maid Nezumi

Light Side





Forever 17

May 26th


Sewing, gardening and the acquisition of cheese

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Back Story

Once upon a time there lived a poor servant girl who wanted to go to the Prince’s ball, so she wished upon a star and a magical fairy godmother came to grant her wish! She turned a pumpkin into a carriage and made the servant girl a dress of pure gold and silver with glass slippers to match. She became a princess! The fairy godmother gave her handmaidens conjured from mice in the kitchen and sent them all off dancing at the ball. 

One of those mice unfortunately got very distracted! Nezumi, newly human and curious about this strange place she found herself wandered away following the smell of cheese in the kitchen and fell asleep. When she awoke she found out that she’d missed the magic spell to turn her back into a mouse! Secretly she was very happy because she had seen the beautiful dress that the servant turned princess had been given and realised that she too wanted to have a life where she could dance and wear pretty dresses and eat all the wonderful food that humans could eat. As a mouse she had always been shouted at and shooed away from the kitchen but now she could do whatever she wanted to!

She wandered away from the palace in search of more snacks and eventually found herself outside a huge manor house with a beautiful garden. Even better, she could smell cake!

Following the smells of wonderful food in the kitchen she crept up to the Meian Manor and snuck in to find out what tasty snacks she could nibble on. She was so busy snacking that she didn’t notice a cat girl coming into the kitchen! The cat maid was looking at her very hungrily so at first Nezumi was very scared of her, having always known to hide from them when she was a mouse. But Maid Akari turned out to be super friendly and asked if Nezumi would like to live in the Light Side of the Manor with them where she could wear a cute dress like hers and eat all the sweet treats she wanted. 

Nezumi had found her new home!

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