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What is Meian Maid Cafe?

Meian Maid Cafe is a pop up cafe inspired by those in Japan's Akihabara district. Our cafe has a twist, which means our waitresses wear uniforms that have a super sweet or an edgy theme, but overall are inspired by the concept of 'kawaii' or looking cute. The Maid Cafe culture endeavors to make customers feel at home, by serving delicious tea and cakes, performing dance routines from Japanese pop music, and playing games to ensure everyone is well-fed and relaxed! 

Meian Maid Cafe also occasionally raises money for charity via our events, so please check the menu at an event for our chosen charity, which changes each time. We have no fixed location, but you can catch us at various Japanese culture events, anime conventions and at our own standalone events throughout the UK. Check our events page for details of when our next events will take place!

Our Backstory

On one bright, sunny day, the heaven's opened and from the sky fell five magical girls, dressed in pink sailor uniforms that possessed magical powers! With their shining grace, they set forth to spread kawaii across Planet Earth. They are sweet, friendly, welcoming and are looking forward to meeting all the customers!

On that same night, five magical girls raised up from below, dressed in black sailor uniforms. Bathed in moonlight, they too possess magical powers! Their aim is to spread the distorted side of cute. Intelligent, determined and charming, they bring a different edge to our cafe.

Since then, more magical girls have joined. Maintaining the balance, a new light maid will always result in a new dark maid. Together, we co-exist as Meian Maid Cafe, the Light and the Dark together in one kawaii package! ♥

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