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Maid Midori

Dark Side




Forever 17 in goblin years



Eating sweet food, causing mischief, collecting rocks, dice, trinkets, & teeth.

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AB (with an added sprinkle of fey magic)

1st February

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Back Story

Below the cobbled roads of Sapphire Lakeside, goblin settlements are aplenty, full of hustle and bustle. Goblins and humans equally control the city, and the two - perhaps against the usual convention - coincide peacefully. Goblins come and go from their underground dwellings to trade and adventure.

Below ground, the air is thick with dust, and the candles along the cavern walls bring a comfortable warm glow - it is cosy and safe. One goblin from the main settlement is yet to venture outside and explore the overworld. Enter Midori, a rather inexperienced young goblin who is unaware of life above ground. She lives a happily sheltered life alongside her goblin clan, mostly helping fetch bugs, dirt, and any other small interesting things she can get her grubby hands on. 

One day, Midori wakes up, determined to find the shiniest, prettiest rock to show her clan, with the sole intention of bragging about it. She skulks her way around the underground caverns, and as she picks one rock up, another catches her eye. One after another, she gradually makes her way further and further into the tunnel network.

“Oooh! This is it, this is the one they’re gonna envy, I – wait, no! THIS one is it! Hang on…”
How much time has passed? How long has she been on her hunt for the best rock?!

Eventually, something other than a rock catches her eye. Above in the distance, a bright white light beams from the roof of the tunnel. “It’s a portal!” she exclaims, and scrambles up the side of the wall to get a closer look.
She reaches out, and grabs her hands around a cold, metal rectangle with slits in, and lifts it up to reveal a bright blue canvas above. As she climbs up and through the ‘portal’, she is met by a beautiful world which she has never seen before. Vibrant colours she didn’t even know existed, the warmth of the sun on her skin, a building towering over her short stature.

The most enthralling thing was the sweet scent coming from the elegant building in front of her. She was captivated! She cautiously walked closer, the delicious aromas becoming stronger. Midori did not know, but she could smell a freshly baked sponge cake coming from the open window of the building. She followed her nose and tried to clamber up to the window, but was quickly spotted by a group of magical beings through the window.
“Would you like a piece?”, a voice said.

Midori sheepishly nods, and the kind figures welcome her inside for a slice of cake. Midori learns that she is at the Meian Manor, and is invited trade in her ragged clothes for a kawaii Dark side maid uniform, with as much cake as she likes (as long as she works very hard and doesn’t try to steal it!).

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