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Maid Amako

Light Side




Forever 17, at least to a mortal


June 11th


J-fashion (Yami-kawaii, Lolita and Decora mainly), watching anime, karaoke, figure collecting, Japanese culture, and plotting cute and chaotic mischief!~

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Back Story

Amako comes from a long line of powerful demons, making deals with other beings for a high and often treacherous price. The Asmodius clan had long been a matriarchy, though for years no girls had been born, as such Amako's birth was seen as a good omen for their future. However, despite her best efforts, Amako wasn't exactly the best at making deals cruel enough to befit the family name. After many a deal fell below the high expectations of her clan, Amako was banished to live 300 years in the mortal realm. (Apparently, granting someone the ability to read minds in exchange for pictures of their dog every week wasn't quite cutting it...)

Having visited the mortal realm a few times, she felt fairly at ease, almost as if she had been granted a vacation! 300 years off work? No clan supervision or instruction? Yes please! Amako went straight to Japan to live her true dream, becoming a J-fashion clad idol! Her favourite style of Yami-kawaii clothing and accessories (not to mention many yummy sweets) were easy to find on Takeshita street, and so, she felt as happy as could be.

Or so she thought...

Feeling as though something was missing, that she had a further purpose in her future, Amako cast a divinity spell upon her matcha latte one evening. With a deep breath, she took a sip, and found herself tumbling through a portal into the Meian Manor!  Discovered in quite a daze, a kind maid called Masami helped her up, welcoming her to the manor. Amako noticed the cutest outfit now adorning her form, a maid dress and apron! The biggest surprise? Amako had joined the light side! 

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