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Maid Yume

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6th July


Napping, reading fantasy novels, eating sweet snacks

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Back Story

In a pocket dimension on the edge of the Earth’s atmosphere, the Dream Kingdom watches over the sleeping planet. A centuries-old agreement with the Earth’s world leaders has protected the Dream Kingdom from invasion by the Night Terrors. The humans cloak the pocket dimension with their thick atmosphere and, more recently, plethora of space junk and satellites, in exchange for one thing; the sweetest dreams imaginable.

And so, for as long as many can remember, the Celestials of the Dream Kingdom have worked hard to create the sweetest, happiest, and most comforting dreams for the people of Earth. The royal family of the Dream Kingdom are the most skilled dream architects in the realm. Or, at least they were. Until Princess Yume began her training...

Yume has the best intentions, and one day wants to be the best dream architect in history, but her ditsy attitude and tendency to daydream meant that she didn’t listen very hard in her training classes. On her seventeenth birthday, she was sent to her first dream delivery shift on Earth. Yume delivered dreams to hundreds of humans that night, using all of her creativity, power, and what she thought she had been taught in training. It turns out that instead of dreaming the sweetest dreams, the humans experienced bizarre, intense and slightly scary nightmares!

This was unacceptable performance for the heir to the throne, and so Yume’s kingdom ordered her to spend time on Earth to learn what humans really want to dream about. They chose to send her to a place known for making people happy and making dreams come true; they sent her to Meian Manor to join the maid cafe!

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