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Maid Shiori

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Forever 17



Reading and “creative” writing. Playing Otome video games. Watching anime

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September 10th

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Back Story

It was approaching the end of the day, and Shiori was on a mission to return home. Hurried footsteps hitting the pavestones as she repeatedly checked her watch. She was running out of time until her favourite show aired!. The normally cool and collected Shiori, was never normally seen in this state of discomposure. However, when it came to this particular anime, she was somewhat more… passionate. Bringing her arms up to her chest, she clutched a small package protectively. This was after all the reason for her tardiness, she wanted to keep it safe.

With a sigh of relief, Shiori arrived home. Inside, shelves of novels and manga overflowed on the shelves. The flat was small, but also cosy. Glancing at the clock, she was glad to find she had a couple of minutes to spare. Making her way to her desk, she set the package upon the surface. All across the wooden table and taped delicately to the wall, was a small collection of sorts of her favourite characters. Merchandise she had collected over the years. Posters and polaroids of a sleepy cat girl looking for her next nap, a sweet looking chef lovingly making cakes, even fantastical celestials and beautiful looking mermaids. Shiori opened the package with greedy eyes, carefully taking out her two latest editions; small figurines of a mysterious looking elf and a cute looking celestial. Squealing excitedly, Shiori placed the two latest editions to her collection proudly on her desk. 

Beside the two new figurines, rested a leather journal with a lock on the cover. Out of all Shiori’s belongings this was perhaps her most precious and also most secret item. This was because the pages inside contained Shiori’s own scribbled handwriting. Her own stories of her beloved characters. Daydream scenarios of what they would get up to, or even who they could even fall in love with. Indeed, Shiori was incredibly protective of this journal and the writing it possessed. A fate worse than any nightmare would surely befall anyone who would dare touch it, or any of her cherished collection for that matter. It would come to a shock for many that knew Shiori, that such a sweet and shy looking girl would harbour such a strong obsession with an anime. 

As the clock hit the hour exactly, Shiori plopped herself onto the sofa excitedly as she turned on the TV. Cheerful music and bright colours filled the room as the opening credits of “The Meian Manor” started to play. As the cute maids danced on screen, Shiori danced along happily in her seat. She had memorised the dance over hours of watching the show. As the opening credits began to wrap up, the girls all shouted their magic spell to begin the episode in unison. Shutting her eyes, Shiori chanted along wishing with all her might to be part of the magical world herself. As she did so, the world started to spin. A strong light was emanating from the television and began to slowly suck Shiori in. As Shiori opened her eyes slowly she found herself staring up at an elegant and sunlight filled room. Eyes adjusting to the light, she slowly took in the familiar sight she had only watched through a screen. She was here! Right in the middle of the Meian Manor!

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