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Maid Keiko

Light Side






2nd June


Playing video games, dressing up, dancing, singing and spreading happiness~~!

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Keiko was an idol in a video game and loved nothing more than to sing and dance for her players.
She, along with the other idols, wore super cute outfits and would play all day long. She was
happiest when players chose her character to play as. She had no family, but her friends looked after
her and made sure she was happy always. But, the world of video-gaming is a fickle one, and soon,
her game became unpopular. This meant that her and her friends were forgotten, and no longer
could she while away the days singing and dancing for the real world. She soon became very lonely.

Meanwhile, in the real world, Maid Mitsuko had transformed into a Dark Side Maid after she had
won her gaming tournament. Maid Mitsuko returned to the Meian Manor only to find she had to
replace her spot on the Light Side. She had a plan to search in the gaming world for a girl that had
fallen by the wayside. She looked for a game that had the sweetest girls in and found Keiko’s game.
Maid Mitsuko saw that Keiko could sing and dance, and she thought that she would suit the Light
Side perfectly! She used her magic powers to transport Keiko to the real world. After a sudden flash,
Keiko found herself standing in front of Maid Mitsuko, scared but really quite curious. Maid Mitsuko
explained everything. Keiko, nervous about the transformation, asked what was her destiny. “Your
destiny, Keiko, is to become a treasured maid in our Maid Café,” Maid Mitsuko explained. Keiko was
excited about once again having friends and a family to look after her, so was happy to go to the
café. Maid Mitsuko officially invited Keiko to join the Light Side, and she warmly accepted the offer.
Keiko, being new to the real world, is rather shy, but she is so happy to be once again able to sing
and dance for people as she did in her game!

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