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Maid Hotaru

Light Side






29th February


Learning about alien species behaviour, earthling lifestyles and interests. Particularly fond of earth’s species!

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Alien (Eirlean)

O+ (Or so she's told!)

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Back Story

Hotaru is from planet Eirlean (Read: air-lee-an), a blossoming planet filled with technology and study. Despite being filled with all the technology she could wish for, Hotaru grew tired of her home. 
In one of her classes, Hotaru learned of another inhabited planet, only a few galaxies away, the planet Earth within the Milky way galaxy. Intrigued she threw herself into a study of the planet's culture, habits, and of course, her favourite part, the variety of species that existed on Earth and were still being studied by humankind. 

With that, Hotaru decided to depart from her planet. With tears in her eyes, she bid her parents farewell. Despite her sadness, she burned with the passion to learn more about Earth’s creatures. Her journey was long and tiring, with many bumps along the way, particularly with getting used to her new ‘human’ form. However, she successfully made it into Earth’s atmosphere.

That… didn’t exactly make her journey any easier, no one seemed to believe she was from another planet! Looking at her as if she was crazy until one day, the stubborn girl came across a beautiful maid, whom later she learnt was Maid Hana.

“Take me to your leader!” Hotaru had expressed, hands on her hips and a disgruntled look on her face. Although not looking the least bit threatening as she may have hoped, Maid Hana took sympathy on her and brought her back to the manor. There, Hotaru was taken to the light side wing to meet Head Maid Chiyo. 

“You… don’t look like a leader or anything,” Hotaru grumbled suspiciously upon meeting whom Hana had explained was ‘General Chiyo.’ 

“Why don’t you sit down, have a treat,” Chiyo tempted Hotaru, whose stomach let out a loud noise, one not natural to her.

“C-Curse this earthling form, what is that sound?” Hotaru whispered, her cheeks heating up in embarrassment as she held her stomach.

“You’re hungry, please, have a sweet!” Chiyo tempted again, to which, hesitantly, Hotaru took a cupcake from the table, taking a small bite. Immediately, her frown melted into a soft expression, her cheeks lighting up in happiness.

“This is delicious! How on Eirlean did you get a hold of these?” Hotaru gasped, taking another bite, her cheeks covered in icing. 

“There’s more where that came from,” Chiyo laughed, her hands inching towards her camera, “If you’d like?”

“Well… I did come here to study species but… You’ve been so nice to me.” Hotaru murmured, her cheeks heating up once more, “Maybe I should stay here.”

“We have a variety of species to study within the café too! You’d have an amazing time here,” Chiyo marveled, pulling out a book of chekki’s, “Maid Akari of course is part cat-“

 “Like one of those small fluffy things with the pointy ears? L-Like a tiger!” Hotaru whispered, amazed, “Please- I want to meet everyone!” 

And thus, with her new favourite creature, Maid Chiyo, leading her. Hotaru was welcomed to the manor, happy to discover more of what planet Earth had to offer her.

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