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Maid Chi

Light Side






21st January


Playing calming video and board games, crystals, being helpful, herbs,
staying up late, flowers, practising magic, drawing.

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Usually shy and quiet yet a little aloof, the hardworking young Witch Chi grew up in an orphanage in the shadow of the other, louder, more rambunctious kids. She preferred staying outside in nature where it was quiet, there practicing the healing and protective magic with crystals and plants, instead of inside amongst the other children. Hiding herself and her magical abilities from many who visited, though she stood out still due to her hair having turned an unnatural pink tone due to the long and continuous contact with her favourite crystal which had magically influenced it. It all changed when she turned 17, from  there on her life would change forever.

Seeing a light reflecting back at her in the distance one day as she walked picking up ingredients for a new potion amongst a field of wild flowers, curiosity got the better of her. It was so warm and inviting, glittering and shimmering like a gemstone she’d never seen before, she couldn’t help but to reach out and touch it. By the time the young naive witch realised this glimmering light might hold some sort of magic, she landed in the middle of the Meian Manor. Dressed in a cute pink frilly uniform, the other maids stared in shock at the new arrival.

The only direction the magical light had given her was that she needed to be here, to help spread the magic of moe and kawaii to others around her, who was she to question such an honourable cause?

After some explaining, Chi learned more about the Meian Maids, and the magic they all possessed now. Being so easily accepted into the rank of her fellow Maid sisters, finally receiving a family she never had, the young girl now works to repay their kindness by working her hardest, ensuring everyone who visits has a lovely time, as well as helping her fellow Maids as best as she can.

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