Yuuki's Story

Yuuki could see fairies for as long as she can remember. As a child, she would befriend them and play with them, much to the bewilderment of her friends and family. Despite the many times she told her parents and friends in school about Dafiel there who makes the daffodils grow, or even Larienil who watches over her and warns her of possible danger, no one believed her.


By the time Yuuki approached her 17th year, she was always lonely although she constantly wears a smile, as her friends thought she was weird and unusual when she talked about her fairy friends. She often tells the fairies that she wants to be like them, or even be with them, as a fairy, and laments the fact that she was very much human. The fairies pitied her, as she was the only human who ever wanted to befriend them and was ever kind to them, and they decided to grant her a gift, giving her powers similar to theirs, as it was impossible to change her from human to fairy.


With her new gift, Yuuki regained hope, and became a happier person as she became better at being who she was. And one day, she stumbled upon Meian Maid Café, where she eventually found other girls like her who had magical gifts, and also where she decided to put her powers to good use, spreading cuteness, happiness and hope to the people she meets. 

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