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Maid Yamiyo

Dark Side




Forever 17



Karaoke, dancing, writing spells and songs, researching musical magic, and playing games!

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4th July

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Back Story

Hailing from a realm far from that of humans, a tiefling can be found in a town by a forest. The town is large, with races spanning from elves to tabaxi flooding the streets. These people spanned all different ages and heights, interests and hobbies, hopes and dreams… It truly was a town for all. This tiefling was known for her musical prowess, using her alluring songs to draw customers to certain shops, or to tell tales of brave adventurers from around the kingdom.


On a night, not unlike any other, Yamiyo was commissioned to perform at the party of a rich noble, one who wished for a certain vote to go his way. This party was quite the walk away from her usual spot, and so walking past the grand castle was a must. A light shone from within, catching the eye of the tiefling. She hadn’t realised it was getting closer until a rock on the ground sealed her fate. Yamiyo tripped, and braced for the impact.


Instead of meeting the hard stone floor of her home, Yamiyo was met with the bustling city streets of a world far different to her own. Humans were everywhere. While not uncommon in her homeland, humans certainly did not make up most of the population. Finding her feet was a challenge as people brushed past her, some shooting the Teifling odd glances as she brushed off her clothes. There was no sign of the brilliant light that brought her into this realm.




After a short walk, she stumbled upon a certain purple haired maid - Vahlia, she said her name was. She offered the tiefling a space to stay, to work on finding a way home, in exchange for working at the Meian Maid cafe. Seeing the chance to finally have an audience again, Yamiyo jumped at the opportunity and accepted the offer.


Yamiyo now works to find a way home while navigating the dangers the human world has to throw at her, enjoying finding new ways to incorporate spells into her songs to test on the gatherings the cafe brings in.

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