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Maid Vahlia

Dark Side




Forever 17 in human years



Stargazing, forest walks, archery, coffee and herself fufu~

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Night Elf


14th September

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Back Story

Vahlia’s home is an enchanted forest shrouded in eternal night. It lies on the border of a magical kingdom full of knights and dragons, though she never had a reason to venture so far from the comforting darkness. She is part of an elven clan with a deep history of knowledge, wisdom and tradition, and one day she is destined to become its leader. 

Nature is of great importance to elven culture, however it is the stars that hold the most significance. They were a source of light in the dark forest, and a map in the sky that ensure no one becomes lost. Each has a name and many wonderful stories of its life. So one day when a star fell from the sky Vahlia was tasked with finding where it had landed and learning all she could from it.

She came to the edge of the dark forest she had always known, and with a deep breath and a heart full of determination, she set foot into the peaceful kingdom that bordered her home. After enduring the seemingly endless blinding daylight, she finally found where the star had landed; the royal palace. 

Vahlia stealthily drew closer and found part of the castle which was damaged, presumably a result of the fallen star she sought. Carefully and quietly she snuck in without detection, and came across a curious magical light glowing in the rubble… Suddenly the ground fell from beneath her feet, and she awoke in a strange manor surrounded by cute girls in magical maid uniforms!

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