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Maid Ume

Dark Side






30th August


Autumn, Nighttime walks, tea, research into human behaviours, fruit, more tea.

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Ume was tired of the spirit world, and her few trips to the human world had been largely uneventful too, consisting mostly of floating through uninhabited forests and unreachable lakes. But it was approaching her 17th birthday, and this time she was going to do something different. The season had just changed to Autumn, Ume’s favourite season, and the night before her birthday. She set forth to adventure into the human world and towards the nearest civilization, the sight of which Ume had never seen before. Humans in fantastical outfits and adorable decorations all over the town, she didn’t want to leave! A group caught her eye, their matching outfits were the cutest she’d ever seen and they emitted an aura of the most moe magic. Ume watched as humans came and went, after being served, looking far happier and with brighter auras than when they arrived.

She rushed over; “Welcome to Meian Cafe!” I’m head maid Mitsuko, and I’ll be serving you today!”. Ume was flustered; “How? How can I be like you? Your aura... “ She paused, as another maid walked up to Mitsuko and whispered into her ear, Ume couldn’t make out their words. “Her aura is similar to mine... a yokai!” “Oh? Thank you Tsukiko.” Mitsuko smiled. Ume started again, “I would do anything to stay here, I would trade my yokai powers to have magic like yours!”. Mitsuko already had a plan; “Chiyo, please pass me one of your ‘magical’ cupcakes.” “But I didn’t ma-...of course i’ll bring one over~” Chiyo had caught on too. “This cupcake will transform your powers into kawaii magic”

Mitsuko handed over the cupcake, Ume didn’t even have to think it over. As the town clock struck midnight, it was the start of Ume’s 17th birthday, and the delicious cupcake was finished. “Did it work??” The usually composed Ume couldn’t contain her excitement. Mitsuko grinned, “Well of course, try for yourself!”. Ume focused her power, and transformed herself - her new outfit now matching the others, in a beautiful black. It had worked! Or so Ume thought. “You have always had moe in you, you just needed to discover it for yourself! Join us, we can teach you the ways of moe and kawaii magic!” “Thankyou Mitsuko! I don’t know what to sa-” and with that, Ume was whisked away by her fellow maids to spread kawaii to all!

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