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13th October


Borrowing strange and unusual artifacts from the human world, Collecting pledges, Reading scary stories, Watching horror films.

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Beyond the human world exists two realms: The shadow realm and the realm of light. The earth as we know it is situated between these two planes of existence. For calm to exist on earth there needs to be a perfect balance of the light and dark. Those creatures that exist in the realm of light inspire kindness and sensitivity, Empathic traits that make humans caring creatures. Creatures of the dark inspire motivation, Drive, and strength of will. Peace of mind exists when both are perfectly balanced.


Tsukiko is a powerful shadow being who once lived in the realm of darkness. She was happy there for many years spending her childhood exploring the realm with her Pumpkin familiar Gourdon. The two of them found a lot of fun in finding new ways to transform him into powerful weapons to battle her other peers.


Tsukiko first visited earth many years ago during Halloween when the veil was thinnest. Since then she has fallen in love with our small planet dedicating her heart to the maintenance of light and dark. She hoped for many years that one day she would be enlisted to redress the balance but there was already too much darkness on earth for her to exist here.

One fateful day Tsukiko was called upon by the greater shadows to travel to earth. She was informed that the power of light had grown too strong and must be equalized. Just like that she was enlisted to redress the balance of light and dark at Meian Manor. Using mirrors to transport herself she fell into the main hall thus beginning her grand adventure.

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