Toshiko's Story

Unit TSH-K0 was constructed by an unhinged scientist wishing to create a being capable of accumulating the knowledge of the world. The resulting android, whilst eager to learn all there is to learn in the world, had numerous glitches that left her... unstable. TSH-K0 was emotionally and socially vacant, and as a result was deactivated and left in sleep mode for many years.

A decade later, TSH-K0 was discovered in an old, dusty laboratory by a nearby Meian Maid cafe, and their magic caused her to become reactivated. Awestruck, and eager to learn the secrets of their powers, TSH-K0, or Toshiko as she was named, The Maids welcomed her into their Manor. Toshiko now works alongside the Meian Maids, learning about both the natural and magical world... and also trying to iron out her glitches.

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