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Maid Tomoe

Dark Side





Forever 17

22nd March


Playing with her cat Yoru, Dancing, Teaching Necromancy, Raising

people from the dead.

Blood Type:

Hobbies & Interests:



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Back Story

Tomoe grew up as an only child of a high ranking necromancer family, she was surrounded by her ghost friends and cat familiar Yoru, they’d all play such amazing games together!
Once she turned 17 Tomoe was given one final test before she became a full fledged Necromancer, however she was so nervous she got it all messed up! 

There was a huge explosion and a blinding light causing her to faint…. When she came too, she was no longer in the testing hall, but in what seemed like a wreckage of an unknown manor. Looking around to try work out where she had been transported too, she spots a white haired girl in a cute black uniform... One that matches her new attire. “E-Excuse me? Where am I? What am I wearing?”

“You’re in what’s left of the Dark side wing or the Meian Manor… Tsukiko gets very excited with it being so close to Halloween, but she has never been this powerful before. Something must have interfered… How did you get here?” explained maid Ume.

'I was so close to finishing my final necromancy exam, but it got all messed up & I ended up here. How dare this Tsukiko person interrupt my ritual! She ruined everything!” Tomoe raged on.

“Well, you’re clearly meant to be here as you are in our uniform. Let me introduce you to the others, and then we can get this place cleared up.”

After speaking with the Maids she found that none of them knew anything about Necromancy, so she gave herself a new mission to educate everyone in the manor on how amazing it is!

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