Maid Teruko

Dark Side





Forever 17

31st October


Drawing, crafting, mushrooms, but most
interested in girls pantsu.

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Demon Witch

Pure Magic

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Teruko was just a normal girl. Her mother was a human witch who owned a little apothecary shop in a small village in Southeast Asia. Teru didn't like other people that much, she preferred to spend her time gardening, growing herbs and brewing remedy teas.

One night, shortly after her 16th birthday, a demon appeared to her in a dream. The demon explained that he was her father and that he wanted her to train her powers at a special school for magical girls in England. Teruko was confused, all her life she'd wanted to become a witch and make potions like her mother. The demon told her, "The power you are capable of is far greater than any witch." Tempted by the thought of magical powers, Teru agreed. When she woke up she had plane tickets to England in her hands and, to her surprise, a pair of horns and tiny wings had grown. Was it a dream? .. No, it couldn't be. She said her goodbyes to her mother and went to the UK to study, she found she could hide the wings sometimes but not her horns.


While studying at the school she got into trouble almost every day. She was always pulling pranks and making the other girls cry, eventually she was thrown out. While looking for a place to stay, she was found by Maid Mitsuko, the head maid of Meian Maid Cafe. She took her in to the Meian Manor and let her live in the dark side. Teru was so grateful and she is now paying back the kindness by working as a maid. She still has her troublemaker attitude though, she is very cheeky and a little perverted. She's always teasing the other maids, flipping their skirts and playing pranks.

Despite being a little demon child, and not liking people very much, she likes to help people secretly (not that she will ever admit it). Whether it's making pancakes to apologise for teasing the other maids or making teru-teru bozu dolls to make the weather better for everyone!

She eventually found a new magic school which would accept her, and left the Meian Manor. Swearing one day she would return more powerful than ever before! 

That day has now arrived... and she is ready to wreek havoc amongst the dark side maids!

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