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Maid Sachiko

Dark Side





Head Maid


24th February

Standing high above everyone, Having people do her bidding, Wearing Cute clothes, Sewing, Cosplay, Collecting Card Captor Sakura Merchandise, Performing & being in the spotlight 

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When Sachiko first joined Meian Maid Café, she was lead there by the bear Ursa. Sachiko had saved Ursa from grave danger and in return, was bestowed with magical gifts! She joined the café as a light side maid with her friends; Ursa the bear on her back & Linnette the bird in her hair.

After many months living & working peacefully in the Meian Manor; a terrible accident occurred! Maid Teruko accidentally mixed a potion using Maid Toshiko’s chemical substances, causing an explosion in the manor. The whole place was filled with a mysteries fog that caused the manor residents to become very ill.

Once the mysterious fog had cleared, the Meian maids started to change & their personalities warp. It affected some more than others, and poor Sachiko was one of those unfortunate enough to be effected badly. She woke up one morning and her uniform had changed from pink to black! It wasn’t just her appearance that was affected; but also her personality. She’d become a dark side maid!

Slowly the manor residents returned to their normal selves; all except Sachiko. Who remained a Dark Side maid, with a warped sense of superiority. With the kind and loving Sachiko who once saved Ursa was gone. Ursa & Linnette departed from the manor yet to be seen again. Though if you watch her closely, the sweet girl who first joined the manor comes through occasionally…

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