Nanashi's Story

It was a particularly cold and crisp Halloween, and celebrations were in full swing. Families and friends alike took to the streets in weird and wonderful costumes, buckets in hand, hoping to collect sweet treats to take home and enjoy later.

The Meian Cafe was no exception, and the maids within had decided to make the place look especially spooky in keeping with the theme. Some of them had even made an effort to dress up themselves (e.g. with a witch's hat or demon horns)! They enjoyed the hustle and bustle as more revellers were drawn to their cafe for a drink and a snack before heading back out to seek more candy.

One thing they had not been expecting was the visitor who graced the cafe that evening.

As the Meian Cafe was closing up, someone knocked at the door. With her arms filled with fake cobwebs, the maid called out, "I'll be with you in a second~!" and hurried to put them away. She pulled open the door, expecting to see a belated trick-or-treater, but nobody was there. As she turned to close the door, she heard a rustling noise. She looked down and saw a cardboard box with 'Nanashi' painted on the side.

"Strange..." she thought aloud, "we're not expecting any deliveries..."

As she opened it up, there was a tiny kitten inside! The maid knew there was something different about this kitten, and she would soon be proved right. When the clock struck midnight, the kitten was no longer a kitten... she was a catgirl! Not having forgotten the kindness the maid showed her, the catgirl decided to stick around and repay her by helping out around the cafe.

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