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Maid Momo

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12th May


Casting blessings and doing angelic readings. Healing and protecting the one’s she loves, especially Ojou-sama and goshujin-sama! 

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Sanctus Aquam

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For thousands of years, heaven required fledgling cherubs to guide and protect humans from the dangers of evil. Momo was one of them, she was an energetic and kind fledgling, whose favourite pastimes were practising healing magic and watching over the adorable humans that lived below. On the 14th February she was awaiting to perform Angelus Maiorem, a rite given to young angels, gifting them a set of wings and the opportunity to become an archangel.  The mere thought of this made her swoon!

Before the ceremony began she took the chance to peer down from the edge of a cloud. She’d heard the humans celebrated something called ‘Valentine’s Day’ today  and was excited to see all of the cute celebrations and romance. She lovingly gazed down at the humans below, dreaming that she’d one day find her true love too! It was at this very moment in time that she felt the cloud beneath her foot disappear sending her plummeting through the air. Had this happened after the ceremony, she would have had wings to catch her falling, but alas, she had no way of breaking this fall!

Her eyes opened slowly feeling the shards of glass underneath her, she saw a tall graceful lady in front of her, her hand perching on the pommel of her sword. She heard her shout, summoning five other cute girls to her aid, they were all decked out in adorable pink maid uniforms, despite the dull pain that Momo felt, she couldn’t help but feel her heart flutter seeing them all. 

“What should we do with her?” The blonde questioned the room of maids as Momo sat in front of them all. 

Akari piped up at this “Well Ojou-sama and Goshujin-sama will be back for Valentine’s day soon…  maybe it will be a nice surprise to have some more help, nyan?” 

A wondrous idea popped into Momo’s head… perhaps there was a silver lining to this rain cloud; not only would she have a chance to find her true love, but she would be able to prove herself a worthy archangel!

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