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Maid Miya

Dark Side




Forever 17



Experimenting on humans, herself or particularly willing volunteers. Ones with fire and explosions preferred.

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Modified Human


30th May

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Back Story

Miya would describe herself as an academic trying to explore the unexplored. She is never seen without her lab coat and goggles, equipped with a pen to take notes of information useful for future experiments. 

She started with dutiful experiments in the name of academic institutions she worked with - creating new materials, substances, and processes. However, over time her thirst for more “extreme” exploration increased. Various undercover experiments began happening in Miya’s lab after hours. Once the institutions caught wind of her .. less publicised.. experiments, she was politely asked to no longer associate with them.

Now with her access to subjects cut off, the cafe presented itself as an opportunity to find willing subjects. Miya prides herself in being charming, although it may just be another tactic for coercing her peers into being experiment subjects. Granted, the lab she now operates out of is more like a cave than a shiny white room but as long as she can keep experimenting, she’s grateful.

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