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Maid Mitsuko

Dark Side




Head Maid


4th December


Playing Video Games, Challenging Goshujinsama & Ojousama, Programming, Technology, Watching Streamers, Pixel Art

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It was the first day of the summer holiday, after a term that felt like forever. Mitsuko looked out of the window onto the autumn afternoon, listening to the familiar hum of students talking and papers shuffling. The wet pavement and bright sunshine formed a beautiful glowing rainbow in the sky. Mitsuko was looking forward to a whole month of gaming! 
As Mitsuko was sat daydreaming, she saw a sudden flash of light plummet down from the sky, followed by a loud crash! She looked around her room, but nothing was amiss there. She ran over to the window and stuck her head out to check the source of the noise.
A figure was lying face down in the grass. The figure, a beautiful girl with glistening pink hair and strange clothes, started to move. Mitsuko ran out of the room, down the stairs, flung open the doors and started running towards the figure. The girl jumped up suddenly, dusted herself off and looked right at Mitsuko.
‘That didn’t quite go to plan!’ Said the mysterious girl. ‘My name is Niji! I have come to your world to give you the magical gift of Kawaii.’
‘Kawaii? B-but… where did you come from?!’ Mitsuko exclaimed.
‘The Kawaii Kingdom of course! Listen – I don’t have much time to explain. But, in everyone’s hearts, there is a sleeping magic that is awakened by spreading a feeling of ‘moe’ to everyone you meet. So, Mitsuko, you have been chosen as the magical girl who will spread the moe of this world! Awaken the sleeping magic in everyone’s hearts!’ Niji beamed at Mistuko.
‘But I-‘ Mitsuko started, but Niji thrust a heart shaped locket into Mitsuko’s hand. The locket began to shake, and before Mitsuko could say anything more, she was lifted up in a ball of pink light. She felt weightless, like all her troubles had disappeared and only kawaii was left in her soul. In a turret of glitter, sparkles and stars, Mitsuko was transformed - wearing the sweetest pink uniform she’d ever seen! In her heart, she knew that she must spread kawaii magic to the world.
After a time, Mitsuko became more and more ready to take on her biggest dream – winning the biggest gaming tournament in the world! After being cheered on for many years by Goshujinsama and Ojousama, Mitsuko decided to make her dream a reality! So, she handed Meian Maid Café to Maid Chiyo and Maid Sachiko so that the café would continue to spread moe magic forever!
Years passed, and nobody had heard from Mitsuko – everyone assumed she had been training hard for the tournament. 
Gradually, the Maids of Meian started hearing more and more whispers about where Mitsuko had gone. Then, one fateful day, Mitsuko returned to the café! She ran to Maid Chiyo and Maid Sachiko and shouted ‘I won! That’s right - I won the biggest gaming tournament in the world!’ 
However, Chiyo and Sachiko noticed that Mitsuko seemed… different, somehow. Maybe winning the tournament has changed Mitsuko…

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