Minori's Story

Minori grew up in a small hut deep within the woods. Paying little attention to the world outside of her forest she lived a simple life with many of her days spent among the nature that surrounded her or passing the time within her cosy hut.

One day whilst exploring the depths of the forest she came across a flower glade, and a mysterious power flowed from within it. Entranced, Minori entered the glade. Stepping among the flowers, a mysterious magic awoke within her, life coursed through her body and visions of the vast world beyond her forest filled her mind.


One image stuck with her: the image of a magical manor where other girls
touched by magic worked side by side to fill the world with joy. Filled with a new determination she left the forest and set out to find this manor.


Although a long and sometimes treacherous journey she finally reached the Meian Manor, where she was welcomed with open arms. The forest still calls her, but perhaps in time Minori can find a new home among the magical Meian Maids.

Although a shy and sometimes nervous girl she hopes to put her new powers to good use and learn all she can about this strange new life outside of the forest with the help of her new friends from the Meian Manor.

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