Maid Miia

Dark Side





Forever 17

23rd April


Gazing lovingly at Goshujin-sama & Ojou-sama, eating food to sedate my hunger for you

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Back Story

One day while observing Goshujin-sama and Oujo-sama (not stalking, Miia would never dream of doing that!) Miia stumbled across a magical place known as the Meian manor. Her unfaithful stomach let out a huge growl (she was always let down by her persistent hunger! It always ruined time with her darling).

Suddenly she noticed a cupcake, unbeknownst to her it was filled with dark magic that the crafty Tsukiko had cursed after Chiyo lovingly baked and filled it with moe magic! Greedily she scoffed it down and was given a funny tummy ache... 

Thinking nothing of it, she continued about her day lovingly observing Goshujin-sama & Oujo-sama… Only to begin to realise that the love she originally felt had started to turn to a lustful hunger for blood! 
The cursed cupcake had transformed her into a Vampire!

Unsure of how to cope with these strange new cravings, Miia began to eat & eat & eat. It seemed to be the only way to sedate her hunger for blood.

Sensing that the curse had taken effect. Maid Tsukiko appeared before Miia, inviting her to join the ranks of the dark side maids at the Meian manor.

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