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Maid Masami

Dark Side





Forever 17

5th July


Singing, dancing, cute Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama, seashell crafting.

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Back Story

Masami was one of the most renowned sirens in the whole mermaid kingdom, enjoying plenty of attention from the other merfolk. She would often be hired to perform regularly at important functions and the like. One day, she was lucky enough to be invited to play at the princesses birthday party. She, naturally, leapt at the chance, preparing a set that was sure to impress everyone, and impress it did! Only… A little too much…

Masami got a little carried away and ended up using her siren powers on the princess, who immediately fell in love with her. The king of the mermaid kingdom was of course furious, and banished Masami to the human world as a punishment for her disrespect.

Not long after, she washed up on a beach, unsure of where she was, before being found by a rather curious looking girl, who asked if she was dead. Masami of course responded no, so the girl, who’s name turned out to be Keiko, lead her back to the Meian Manor, which happened to be a huge mansion full of cute girls! Masami was sure she would fit right in…

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