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Maid Mari

Dark Side




Forever 17 in human years



Slacking off,otome games and shoujo manga (but she will deny any knowledge of it if asked!)

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Fallen Angel


8th January

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Back Story

Mari's cold exterior is not exactly what you'd expect of an angel. For that reason she was always in trouble with her superiors. When the time to do work came around, she conveniently could not be found and only showed up once the work was complete. They just didn't understand her passion for more important things - herself! Why go out helping the silly humans when she could curl up and play her otomes...Many of the highest ranking angels, the Seraphim grew tired of Mari's cold attitude and frequent bickering with the other angels who would get along so harmoniously without her. A meeting was called where it was decided that she had strayed too far from the pure and kind path of an angel and she was to be banished. Her wings and halo turned black but before she could be cast to some random corner of the world, a voice piped up. “Wait! Wait! Oh dear Seraphim before you send her away please wait!” This voice belonged to the one and only Momo! Mari had not seen her in quite some time and as Momo spoke to the other angels, she learnt that her poor friend had fallen into the human world before she was gifted her wings.  She had found a place to call home while on earth; The Meian Manor. Momo convinced the council of Seraphim to send Mari down to the manor, in hopes that it would help her to be a better angel and that one day she may be able to return. After all the Manor was always filled with love and the happy faces of Goshujin-sama and Oujo-sama, surely it would help soften Mari a little and teach her to get along with those around her.

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