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Maid Mai

Light Side






19th July


Picnics, fluffy things & animals, cute buttons and spreading moe through hugs!

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Teddy Bear


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Back Story

During one of her herb gathering trips out in the forest by the Meian Manor,  Maid Chi stumbled upon a little matted, dirty teddy bear with a missing eye.

Maid Chi thought that the teddy bear looked sad and lonely so decided to take the teddy bear home with her back to the Meian Manor and fix it up!

Maid Chi worked hard to restore the teddy bears fur, repair any tears and Maid Ume offered up a beautiful fox button to replace the missing eye.

Proud of her work, Maid Chi went to show off the newly reformed teddy bear to the rest of the maids. Only to be met with a huge gasp from Maid Tomoe! Exclaiming that a spirit surrounds this teddy bear! Maid Tomoe decided that this was the perfect opportunity for her to prove to Maid Chi that necromancy was good magic.

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