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Maid Lumi

Dark Side





Something & 17?

23rd September


Exploring new places, hording trinkets from travels, scrapbooking adventures & items from lastest obsessions! Currently: BTS

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It's a secret~ 

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Lumi lived in a faraway land were magical knights kept the peace, she was born with dragon heritage which sadly meant she wasn't entirely trusted and could never join the knights in their fights to keep the kingdom safe. So she would watch from afar admiring their beautiful sparkling suits of armour and weapons, hoping one day she would be able to be as cute and powerful.

She spent her days collecting jewels and shiny things left behind on the battlegrounds, hoarding all sorts of items and always trying to sneak into the Castle to see what other fantastic items were hidden inside.

One knight always stood out but one day she disappeared which cast a dark shadow over the magical knights, causing Lumi to try and investigate to see what happened. This lead her to the castle when all the other girls had left to go find her in the surrounding forest, when she made her way into the hallway she came across a bright shining light coming from a nearby cupboard. Opening the door she was blinded by a bright light and the ground fell from beneath her.

Landing with a thud, dazed she looked up to find herself surrounded by cute maids in pink and black uniforms.

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