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Maid Kira

Dark Side





Forever 17

10th December


Astronomy, astrology, annoying others, art, studying

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Back Story

Deep in the cosmos live celestial beings who possess great magical powers. Kira was one of the youngest of these beings; an intelligent and mischievous star, born with a unique magical power that could bless one person with eternal happiness! Due to her special powers, she was sheltered by her family as a child and developed a rebellious spirit. Despite her natural talent she preferred to spend her time reading books and pulling pranks, rather than practicing magic. Although she had yet to master nearly any of the ancient celestial magic, only being able to occasionally grant small wishes, she felt a sense of superiority to the other stars. None of them could compete with the immense knowledge she had built up from her studies. 

One day Kira was in the library, searching for books that could help her with her latest prank idea. While searching she came across a ‘restricted area’ that looked strangely eerie compared to the rest of the grand library. This sparked her curiosity and she broke the lock as quietly as she could and snuck inside. She wandered for a few moments before finding an extremely old and dusty bookshelf. One of the books on the shelf caught her interest, ‘The Wonders of the Universe’. On the first page was written ‘The truth lies here. If you wish to see it for yourself, keep reading’.Kira stared in awe at what she read; stories of many amazing and different worlds, each with different beings, magics and histories!


She reached the final page which had a single phrase inscribed across it in an ancient language. Out of curiosity Kira spoke the phrase aloud. Immediately the book burst into an incredible, purple light. The light began to swirl and expand, forming a shimmering portal. Kira cried out in shock as she found herself sucked into the portal. Suddenly Kira was falling through different dimensions! She barely had time to take in each world as she fell through the sky, before crashing into the ground and bursting open a new portal. After bursting through multiple dimensions, she finally landed on solid ground. She stood up, brushing the dirt and leaves off herself, and realised she’d landed in the gardens of a huge Manor. Still a little in shock but thrilled at the chance for adventure, she ran up and knocked on the Manor doors. 


The Manor she had found was in fact the Meian Manor! Kira was welcomed by the maids and invited to join them. Sensing an opportunity to learn more about this new world, and some fun new targets for her pranks, she accepted and in a flash of sparkles a cool, black maid uniform appeared on her body.

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