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Maid Hana

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9th November


Vanquishing evil, great banquets, and the fascinating new forms of illusion magic they call "anime" and "video games"

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Hana hails from a beautiful faraway kingdom- a magical land of towering castles of a cherry blossom hue, wells of glittering rosewater, and endless hallowed glades of blushing wildflower. 

Though blissful, this land was not always at peace. Tasked with protecting their beloved kingdom was a fearless battalion of magical girls. With the power of moe and kyun, dressed head to toe in sparkling suits of armour, clutching battleaxes, warhammers and shields, they fought hard and long to protect their land from evil. It was here, in the throes of battle, that Hana found her home. A noble soul, she never failed to motivate her sisters in arms with her speeches of glory and courage. She shone in battle, her moe energy unbeatable against her foes. She was, in many ways, the very picture of honour, valour, and chivalry. 

One evening, while heading to the banquet hall for her regiment's nightly feast, a shimmering pink light appeared in front of her. 

"Hana! Hey, come over here!" The light said, and she couldn't help but approach it. "I'm Niji, and I have a task for you!" 

"A task? What do you mean? Show yourself!" 

"I need you to follow me to spread moe across Earth!" 

Hana shook her head in disbelief and reached her hand out towards the light. "What are y-" The moment she touched it, she felt the ground fall out from under her feet. In an instant, with a flash of light and a resounding crash, she found herself laid amongst piles of boxes and bags, covered in a dusting of what smelled like icing sugar. 

"AZUKI!" A muffled voice- different from the one before- yelled, "If I catch you in my baking supplies again, I- wait, who are you? What are you doing in our cupboard?" Hurriedly, Hana sprung to her feet. Where her armour once was, there was now a pink and white sailor uniform. She dusted herself off and bowed to the girl standing in the doorway. "Pleasure to make your acquaintance, my lady. My name is Hana, knight of the 1st Royal Guard of-" "Huh, knight? Oh, you mean you play a lot of MMO games, right?" "M... M... What?" The girl pulled Hana out of the cupboard into an enormous, luxurious kitchen. "No time for that- mina-sama will be home soon! If you won't tell me who you are, at least look presentable." Hana froze as the girl brushed icing sugar from her collar and fluffed her hair, tying an apron around her waist. "There! Now you're ready!" Hana heard a door open and the girl rushed out, Hana in tow. A chorus rang out around her: "Okaerinasaimase, Goshujin-sama, Ojou-sama!"

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