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9th April

Baking, watching anime and photographing cute girls

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Chiyo was asked by the Head Maid of Meian Manor, Maid Mitsuko to bake a batch of cupcakes to celebrate the official opening of Meian Maid Cafe.  Whilst she was baking in the kitchen she found a small bottle labelled Niji's Secret Ingredient. She opened up the little bottle and gave it a sniff, it smelled sweet. 
"A little sprinkle can't hurt" She thought to herself. 

What she didn't know was that little sprinkle held great magic. She was very excited to try the cupcakes and almost couldn't wait for them to cool down. As soon as they were cool enough to eat she bit into one.
​"Hmm it tastes so much yummier than usual, I could eat them all!" She exclaimed.

She looked down taking her last bite and realised that not only had all the cupcakes gone but she was now wearing a beautiful pink uniform. When Mitsuko came into the kitchen to try a cupcake she was surprised to see her friend in a magical girl uniform much like her own. Mitsuko asked Chiyo to bake for all the Goshujin-sama and Ojou-sama at the cafe and spread kawaii through her cakes.

​To this day she still carries that little magic bottle with her everywhere.

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