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9th March


Sweet treats, pulling pranks, crafting & midnight snacks!

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Azuki is one of three triplet princesses of her homeland - the Candy Kingdom. Her two sisters were both the very essence of sugary goodness, destined to rule with a sweet tooth, beloved by all. Azuki however, had grown up with a sour streak and enjoyed nothing more than sneaking away for midnight snacks and pulling pranks on her unwitting subjects! On the day of the triplets’ 17th birthday, Azuki pulled such a grand and outrageous prank that her family felt they had no choice but to banish her from her home, until she could learn to be sweet.

Whilst searching for someone to help her become sweet, Azuki came across the Meian Manor and the ultra-sweet Maid Chiyo! This was surely the answer she had been looking for! She decided to settle at the Manor to study the sweet ways of the light side maids, though she found herself on the dark side.


As time passed, Azuki felt increasingly at home, even amongst the dark side maids (though they teased her for her desire to be sweet) and even began to begrudge her parents for trying to change her. That was, until she received official summons, requesting she return home. Upon her arrival, she was told that her time spreading moe magic had turned her sweet, and that she was now a fitting heir to the throne of the Candy Kingdome.


Azuki realized that they were mistaken - moe magic had not turned her sweet. Her fellow maids’ love and acceptance of her, and her acceptance of herself, sour streak and all, had ultimately caused the greatest change! She realised she didn’t need this family who wanted her to change to fit their needs, when she had a loving family at her true home in the Meian Manor. Upon her return she was delighted to discover her uniform was now candyfloss pink, and that all of her sisters, light and dark, welcomed her home with open arms.

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