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Maid Azami

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Forever 17



Reading romance books, singing and dancing, indulging in shojo manga and anime

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O - Iron

16th October

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Back Story

Once upon a time, in the enchanting Scottish Highlands, a brave adventurer and his merry band of companions stumbled upon a most extraordinary encounter. With a wish for companionship and no wards set, they unwittingly summoned none other than Azami's dear mother, the fearsome yet captivating Baobhan Sith.


But, behold! Love knows no bounds, for her mother fell head over heels for this human man who, with his unwavering resolve, turned her from a fierce huntress into a tender caretaker and cleaner of adventuring gear, aided by her friend the Bean-Nighe.


As for Azami, their only daughter, she may not have inherited all of her mother's formidable powers, but armed with a dash of fae blood and some human fighting skills taught by her dear dad, she was sent out on her own journey to remove her nose from the pile of romance novels stacked within her room.


From the misty Lochs across Scotland to hidden clearings of the Highland Isles where Seelie princesses dwell, Azami's adventures led her through twists and turns, encounters with kelpies and curses, all of which have left her a bit...clumsy, especially after one mishap that left her needing human eye correctors.


But fate had more in store for her when she stumbled upon a mysterious manor, where pink and black-clad maidens welcomed her with open arms. And thus, Azami's new chapter began as a maid in this whimsical café, where she learns to charm not with magic alone but with the warmth of her heart, with the helping hand of her fellow maids, led by the ever-supportive Masami.


As she embraces this new path, Azami can't help but sneak glances over her shoulder, not just to evade parental disapproval but also to dodge the whimsical enforcers of the Seelie court. But worry not, for Azami has found a home where even the most unlikely folklore tales come true!

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