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Maid Akari

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5th May

Watching anime, taking naps, head pats,  dancing and eating sweet treats!

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Back Story

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Cat Girl


On the night of Akari’s 17th birthday a wish on a star granted her powerful moe magic! She decided the best place to use her new found magic was at Meian Maid Cafe, where she joined the cafe’s team of cute magical maids. She loved being able to help her friends spread moe and magic across the world, and loved getting to meet so many goshujin-sama and ojou-sama!

One day Akari was helping her best friend, Head Maid Chiyo, test out some new magical recipes. This was more dangerous of a task than you may think, as any small imbalance of ingredients and magic could have dramatic effects on the taster!  There was one set of cupcakes that seemed extra enticing, they were decorated with cute little cats and smelt super delicious. Akari picked one up and bit into it, “Mmm, this is the best yet!” she exclaimed happily. She turned smiling to Chiyo, to see a look of shock on her face.

“E-ears” she stuttered, pointing at Akari’s head. Confused, Akari ran to a mirror and to her surprise found a pair of fluffy cat ears growing from the top of her head! She span around and, yes, a long silver tail too! “Wh-what happened?” she cried in disbelief. Hurriedly checking back through her recipe notes Chiyo realised she’d made a calculation error and added 10 times more “Nyan Nyan Sugar” than she should have done. “Good thing you only had one bite, or you might have fully turned into a cat!”

After getting over the initial shock Akari found she quite liked life as a cat girl. She felt a lot less shy, she felt more confident and playful! No one minded if she took mid-day naps and even the dark side maids gave her treats and head pats sometimes!

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