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We are now accepting applications!

‘めいあん or 'Meian' means light and shade in Japanese. And this is the idea of the cafe! It's a Dark vs Light cafe, with kawaii magical girl maids, and mischievous & cool maids inspired by the darker side of life. Which will you pick?

Thank you for taking an interest in our Maid Café. We are accepting volunteer applications and should a place be available we will contact you by email. You can apply for a position as a Maid or Helper. Helpers will be asked to carry out responsibilities such as working in the kitchen, moving furniture and helping with set up/take down. 

Please note, in order to join our Café you must fit the following requirements:

- Aged 18 or over at the time of applying
- Able to travel to events not in your immediate area
- Have the funds available to purchase our uniform (£50) plus all other items for bringing your maidsona to life if applying for a maid position 
- All genders are welcome so long as you feel comfortable presenting female & wearing our uniform

Suitable candidates will be asked to attend an interview virtually with our leadership team. If your application proceeds further you may be asked to attend an in person interview. You will then attend a training session. All candidates have a 4 event trial period in which your skills as a Maid or Helper can be evaluated to check that you are the right fit for Meian Café.

Events are mainly held between Manchester, Leeds & Newcastle. Please note that all of our staff are volunteers and this is not a paid position.

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